0:00 to 19:21 Radio, Club, Wedding… Bottom line… Don’t trust DJ’s, or postmen apparently.


19:21 to 47:43 So a Bicyclist is the one that did the damage to Jeremy’s truck… What’s he going to do about it?


47:43 to 55:36 The Eclipse and Burning Man will make for an amazing road trip

55:36 to 67:46 What songs are the best to get you through the Awkward Times.


67:46 to 81:50 Brews and Bites is going to be AMAZIN! And McGregor /Mayweather may not.


81:50 to 88:18 Never play Wind beneath my wings around Jeremy… Unless it is the reggae version.


0:00 to 7:33 The Car Wash is off the hook in the quest to find Jeremy’s source of damage on his truck.


7:33 to 22:55 Here’s the deal… Never trust anyone that has a fake name and insists on doing their own Stunts.


22:55 to 30:25 Sexting is still something that people are doing despite all the bad that comes from it.


30:25 to 46:13 Jeff is mad at the guy who grabbed Taylor Swift… but not for grabbing Taylor Swift.


46:30 to 55:53 Movie Pass is going to make it so you can watch unlimited Movies for just $10 a month.


55:53 to 60:28 Despite not being favored the Raiders are drawing the most money in vegas.


60:28 to 65:41 Thrift Stores and Food word association must mean we got to EVERYTHING today.


65:41 to 77:16 Jeremy takes “Believing everything you read” on Facebook to a whole new level.


0:00 to 13:55 Jeremy survives a medical scare that only most women run across. Then shares way too much information about it.


13:55 to 22:36 Rob Gronkowski did a great job of channelling his inner 12 year old once again.


22:36 to 29:55 Who had the biggest fall from grace in sports? There are some very passionate responses.


29:55 to 35:58 Paleo baby food is real. Paleo Taco Bell is not.


35:58 to 44:26 What Fast Food Restaurant would it be the most fun to be the executive chef at?


44:26 to 63:30 Boobies for Doobies shows us the way around some 64-year-old boobies.


63:30 to 70:04 Teri Banish told us why Cruisin Weekend in Atascadero should not be missed.


70:04 to 78:31 Dog Walking Gigs in San Luis may be better for you than Uber.


78:31 to 81:17 The number of people who have tried baby food is pretty astonishing. 


WARNING: NSFW (Adult Language)

Suz and Kyle sit down and chat about last night's epic show with Slayer, Lamb of God and Behemoth at Vina Robles Amphitheatre in Paso Robles! Also, A Metalheads Guide To The Pit, a fun side game and more!



0:00 to 11:37 Jeremy is hoping that Big Brother is going to save his ass


11:37 to 17:14 Chewbacca on a snowboard is not somebody you mess with.


17:14 to 46:12 Thad Lewis gets a job in the NFL again… our guess is that Colin Kaepernick is not impressed.


46:12 to 48:55 China Grove’s name came from a guitar lick.


48:55 to 52:37 If you ride on the subway you’ll want to set those air drop settings to private… unless you like privates.


52:37 to 67:13 Who’s sports story is most depressing? Tiger? OJ? Lance? or Iron Mike?


67:13 to 76:35 Amazon is offering a once of a lifetime refund. A judge confirmed that DJ’s are lower than pond scum. And Blake Griffin did not learn his lesson from Kris Humphries, Lamar Odom, and Kanye West.


76:35 to 84:08 Jeremy is hoping to get saved by big brother once again.


0:00 to 7:12 The country music game is not one that rewards the creators.


7:12 to 16:55 NJ Funeral goers witness a horrific site when burying their loved ones.


16:55 to 21:07 People are loving themselves some train… Travel… not the band. Nobody loves them.


21:07 to 28:01 The biggest takeaway from PRE-Season football it will take some time to accept the Chargers as an LA franchise.


28:01 to 39:14 Rich People look “good” for a reason.


39:14 to 45:54 Video games do make you Dumberer… If you’re playing the wrong ones.


45:54 to 53:54 Dave Grohl did something cool again. And it has the Internet hailing him as the coolest rock star ever!


53:54 to 75:28 Eric Schwartz and Billy Galewood give us a slice of what they’ll be doing at the Siren in Morro Bay tonight.


75:28 to 79:27 DJ’s love it when you notice them.


0:00 to 7:11 How come we don’t celebrate National Sons and Daughters day the same way we do Mothers and Fathers Day?


7:11 to 31:50 Is Greyhound the crappiest way to travel? If you think that, then you’ve never Craigslist Rideshared.


31:50 to 39:13 Do you take the money upfront or do you take the annual payments?


39:13 to 48:50 Taco Bell is doing their part in contributing to food innovation in Anaheim, Santa Ana, and Tustin.


48:50 to 62:06 BItcoin is the future for Perverts and Kidnappers… we need an explanation.


62:06 to 82:33 THE JD Project is not Canadian… that must be why we they are with us playing “The Long Road”.


0:00 to 7:36 Did Michael Bolton fight with his label over his wardrobe scheme… Not very consistent.


7:36 to 21:01 being receptive to Wedding Crashing can be good for the local tourism economy.


21:01 to 28:42 The Wedding RSVP: What if they say they’ll show up but they don't?


28:42 to 35:42 If you are going to a wedding and not having fun it’s the Bride’s fault.


35:42 to 51:20 Jeff Stulberg comes in and explains the Taylor Swift case to us and why you shouldn’t be floating out 29 miles in the ocean with 1,200 pounds of weed.


51:20 to 57:37 Little Ceasars is getting into the automation business.


57:37 to 70:13 What sport has the hottest spectators.


70:13 to 72:45 Mega Millions or Powerball?


72:45 to 83:02 Judge Judy = "Smart"  /David Hasselhoff = "This is a mess"


83:02 to 89:02 Being stuck out at sea 30 miles out, does not seem fun.


In today's after the Show Podcast Shawna busts Jeremy's Balls for going to a Michael Bolton Concert, and we deal with the struggles of going from a 14 team league in Fantasy Football to a 12 team league. (Amateur Hour)


0:00 to 9:00 Jeremy admits to having a food addiction.


9:00 to 21:20 If your 10 year old gets pee’d on at a Metallica concert isn’t that partially on you?


21:20 to 48:11 Glen Campbell crushed a Green Day song and no one ever knew it. Who did the best covers ever?


48:11 to 56:26 Robert Kraft and Jerry Jones are two different monsters.


56:26 to 63:16 How old is too old to wear the player Jersey?


63:16 to 71:11 Is giving women discounts based on bra size, any different than Ladies night? We get labeled “Shock Jocks” for asking the question.


71:11 to 76:36 Scott Stapp wishes himself a happy birthday on Twitter.


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