August 4, 2017

Podcast 8-4 What Foods are absolutely Non-Sharable, and can you order Appetizers for your Main Entree?

0:00 to 7:04 Brewers are the new scientists… guess it’s not as dorky as it used to be?


7:04 to 29:39 The Lesson here is to always ask BEFORE going in for your dining partners food.


29:39 to 36:47 How are you viewed if you are only ordering Appetizers for your main dish?


36:47 to 45:13 It’s hard to sympathize with a guy making $12 Million saying he doesn’t make enough money, but if he plays football. It makes it a little more sense.


45:13 to 49:17 If you are going to be Properly Chillin, it better be Properly chillin the most.


49:17 to 71:04 If you like Good Whistling DON’T Listen to this.


71:04 to 76:55 Who will have the Central Coast’s best wings? Find out on September 2nd.


76:55 to 84:58 When Dining Mexican you gotta go with the Sampler… wait isn’t that called the Combo?


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