August 7, 2017

Podcast 8/7 - Karate Kid is being turned into a TV Show and apparently you need to wash your clothes before wearing them

0:00 to 8:12 Both Jeff and Jeremy ran across dead rats this weekend. Jeff’s was pretty badly decayed.


8:12 to 18:07 Woman in Ireland tries a new Eyelash extension and Beatriz husband once had his panties fall out of his pants at work.


18:07 to 30:50 While it is ok to order apps as the main course it is not ok to order off the kids menu.  


30:50 to 37:50 Ford gives the GT owners the opportunity to mute their loud engines.


37:50 to 56:30 Karate Kid is coming back as a TV Show. What’s Next Breakfast Club?


56:30 to 63:45 IS it Important to wash NEW clothes before wearing them?


63:45 to 70:40 Foo Fighters are the most “Fan Generous” band in Rock and Roll. Chris Pratt and Anna Faris are splitting up, so don’t watch porn with your wife!


70:40 to 80:26 Jeff and Jeremy catch some flack for not washing their clothes before wearing them.


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