August 8, 2017

Podcast 8/8 - Can a business go “Cash Only” in 2017? Letterman gets a new gig. And What if Chris Pratt and Anna Faris is a hoax?

0:00 to 5:31 Taylor Swift vs. the DJ. Try to guess who we are rooting for…


5:31 to 16:22 When it comes to Wildfires Fireworks are no laughing matter… unless you're Canadian.  


16:22 to 21:33 Karate Kid is turning into a TV show… Breakfast Club you are next.


21:33 to 30:30 There are successful businesses that still have a cash only policy.


30:30 to 38:09 Is it possible that the Anna Faris and Chris Pratt separation could be just to sell books?


38:09 to 54:05 The guys in Journey really need to learn to leave the politics.


54:45 to 58:55 Dog… while cheaper than kids, aren’t “Low Cost”


58:55 to 67:33 What are the six celebrities that you would like to see David Letterman interview?


67:33 to 72:00 If you want to get sexy incorporate Garlic and Beer into your diet.  


72:00 to 78:38 Is any TRUE #GOT fan really going to read the advanced scripts.


78:38 to 83:10 Yes, even our equipment goes bad from time to time.  


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